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A query management system to help your employees submit and receive anwers to risk-related queries managed by your internal risk team

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RMQS lets your staff submit queries to your internal risk team and drives the workflow through various steps until the query is resolved..

Users will find the process to be easy and intuitive

Submit the query

  • Use the intuitive interface to build and submit your query
  • Attach documents that you need to support your query - they are stored securely for future reference
  • Invite others in your team to act as delegates on the query so that they can help by submitting additional information or addressing additional actions raised by Risk Management

  • Workflow and resolution
  • Follow the resolution process as your query is first assigned to an operator and then worked on
  • Get notified when the operator needs more information from you and complete those tasks online with automatated workflow and notifications

  • Receive a resolution
    Your query is resolved online with all the workflow, communication and documentation stored in one, easy to reach location

    Efficient query submission, management, review and resolution for Risk Management


    RMQS enables you to monitor and record all aspects of the query resolution process

    Once a query is logged it is assigned to operators by a Triage Administrator. This helps keep confidential queries .... confidential.

    The operator will work on the query using the information submitted by the requestor

    Assign and track tasks
    If the operator needs more information or requires that the requestor performing additional information, they can create and assign "Additional Actions" which are then sent back to the requestor. This may include the submission of additional information to the query form or even the upload of documents. A full audit trail of all actions undertaken as well as reports that help to manage the completion of these tasks is available.

    Bring in the Specialists
    An operator can invite others within the firm (even from outside the Risk Team) to act as specialists on the query and provide their input.

    If necessary (or if required by your firm's policies), the query can be routed to a reviewer for further review and input. This process enables review notes to be raised and addressed between the operator and the reviewer.

    When the query is resolved, the resolution can be recorded in the system with alerts sent to all interested parties.

    Detailed reports and summary dashboards provide all the information you need to effectively track all queries to resolution
    Dashboards are available at the requestor, operator, reviewer and organisational level.
    Reporting is produced based on the role of the person viewing the report (i.e. Requestor, Operator, Reviewer, etc)

    Manage the entire lifecycle of the query from one screen
    • Add documents
    • Invite your own delegates (if you are the requestor) to help you with the query
    • Invite Specialists (as an operator) to help with the resolution of the query
    • Record and work through additional actions between the operator and the requestor
    • Forward for review (and manage review notes)
    • Record and view the resolution

    The detailed audit trail keeps track of all activities performed on the query


    Packed full of additional features
    • Submit by proxy lets you submit a query on behalf of any other user
    • Discussion forum integrated to the query lets you discuss matters related to it
    • Match queries to previous matters
    • “Nudge the Operator” if you feel your query is taking too long to resolve
    • Record precedents that others can refer to when resolving future queries
    • Build your own custom lists and custom list options
    • Add Frequently Asked Questions, helpful documents and links to external sources to help users before they log queries
    • Automated data destruction after preset intervals ensures that your old data is archived according to policy

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