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Identify, manage and collaborate on risks in your organisation using a highly digitised and fresh approach to Risk Management

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Risk Manager

The use of spreadsheet software has almost become ubiquitous in organisations around the globe. In fact, the convenience and flexibility of spreadsheet software often makes it the go-to approach for capturing the results of risk assessments.

Whilst this approach leads to a quick and easily manageable process in many smaller organisations, it does have its drawbacks.

The limitations of spreadsheet programs can increase the cost, time and resources needed to complete risk assessments. These limitations include:

  • Sharing and use of unprotected documents
  • Formula errors, human error and cell linking
  • Challenges with reuse and repeatability
  • Multiple worksheets and workbooks leading to version conflicts

What’s more is that the process tends to be performed “behind closed doors” and often is performed in a once-off effort. This has no real impact on changing the risk culture of an organisation and certainly makes it far more challenging to drive accountability and ownership of risks and controls. Even more challenging, is the task of keeping track of actions which have been designed to enhance controls in order to mitigate the identified risks.

Risk Manager seeks to address these challenges.

Digitally drive the process of identifying and recording risks, controls and any necessary risk actions whilst ensuring transparency for all accountable parties

Deploy it as an ERM Solution on a Global Scale

Use it to manage divisional or departmental risks

Use it to manage risks on an individual project

Risk manager gives you all the features you need to effectively identify and manage risks at all levels across your organisation.

Record and validate risks
Every user in your organisation can quickly capture details for risks in their respective areas using one, simple to use form and integrated guidance as defined by your Risk Management Team. Risks are captured and classified according to the criteria specified in the Administration Panel.
Your risk management team can review all risks and validate those that need to be managed as part of your Enterprise Risk Management process.

Add controls
Capture details of the various controls designed to mitigate each risk. Controls are captured and classified using the customsied criteria captured in the Administration Panel.

Add and monitor risk actions
Where additional actions are needed to improve controls and reduce residual risk, these can be added and assigned to employees in your organisation. The integrated messaging system ensures that all roleplayers are kept informed when actions are created, updated and closed.

Easily identify, classify and record risks

Profile the risk using a number of criteria

  • Impact
  • Likelihood
  • Outlook
  • Target Residual Score

Classify according to:

  • Department / Function
  • Category
  • Description
  • Background and Root Case
  • Potential Consequences

Allocate ownership

Validate the risk for central monitoring

Link the risk to a strategic objective

Risk details are presented to all relevant stakeholders using the labels and coloring that match your organisation’s configuration
Risk Details

Mitigating controls can be easily recorded and classified based on effectiveness.
Risk Details

If any additional actions are necessary in order to reduce the risk or improve the effectiveness of controls, these can be added on the risk details screen and the responsible person immediately notified.
Risk Details

Keep everybody informed.
Risk Manager presents a personalised dashboard to each user that shows all of their owned
  • Risks
  • Risk Actions
  • Controls
Risk Reports

Configure the system to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.
Set the labels and colours for risk and control indicators
Provide guidance to users on how to assess impact
Add FAQs, Helpful Documents or links to external content
Decide who can add risks (all users or only approved administrators)
Risk Reports

Detailed reports and summary dashboards provide all the information needed to report to various stakeholders.
Risk Reports

The integrated messaging and alerts engine ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed as risks and risk actions are identified and allocated to users

Regular reminders ensure that no action goes unaddressed before the deadline date arrives

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