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Quickly build questionnaires and engage with employees to drive compliance across your organisation

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TouchPoint Questionnaires

Questionnaires is an excellent tool that can be used to digitise all the questionnaires that an organisation usually uses in paper-, Word- or Excel-format and publish these in one central, globally accessible location. Once a questionnaire is built, it is permanently available to the organisation to use as many times as they wish – with the results always remaining available for future analysis.

Once a questionnaire is built, a Session Sponsor creates a session and invites other users to submit their answers. The session will remain active for as long as the session sponsor allows – after which it will be closed and the results made available through the online analysis portal. The Session Sponsor can also download all result to an offline spreadsheet solution such as Microsoft® Excel® or Open Office.

Questionnaires provides the following key benefits:

  • Build any poll, survey or questionnaire quickly and easily using an intuitive and straightforward interface

  • Publish to everybody in your organisation to external parties and review results on the fly

  • Questionnaires can be easily reused and even integrated with other apps on the platform – cutting down on administration

  • Once your questionnaires are built, they can even be sold in the premium store to other organisations

Quickly build questionnaires. Invite respondents and collect feedback in real-time.

Great for surveys, polls, audit programmes, questionnaires and more

Features you need to drive and ensure compliance across your organisation

Quick and Easy
Build a questionnaire in minutes or choose from a library of existing questionnaires and publish right away.

Manage respondents
You decide who you want to respond to your questionnaire. Whether they are internal or external to your organisation.

Analyse results in real-time using the online dashboards or export for use in your own tool.

Multiple Formats
Choose from a wide variety of answer formats to ensure that your get the answers you way you want.

Detailed Logging
Answers can be submitted anonymously or through a proxy. Let your audience decide.

Apply question piping and conditional display. You can even pop up alerts based on selected answers.

Easy to use and super secure

Use the questionnaire builder to construct your questionnaire: add introductions, instructions, logos, support details and more. Add sections, sub-sections and questions using the dynamic tree structure. Each question can be configured to allow multiple answers in whatever format you choose.
Your questionnaire results are kept secure on the readyplatform core. You users are protected through user validation and through strict compliance with Privacy Regulations.


Packed full of additional features so you can define the questions and expected answers in exactly the way you need

Define your own selectable options
Set validations for different answer types
Define routings based on answers provided
Add custom messages that are displayed when users select certain responses


Create sessions and invite respondents
  • Invite users from within your organisation or externally
  • Use the pre-formatted templates to easily invite hundreds of respondents or add them from the selection list of registered users
  • Send invitations and reminders directly from the respondents
  • Easily track and monitor who has responded


Analyse answers online … or export for offline processing
  • Drill-down into each question to view all individual responses – with visualisations
  • Investigate entire answer sets submitted individual respondents
  • Draw down complete lists of all answers submitted for the entire questionnaire


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