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Policies are company rules that define the framework and constraints within which members operate. Company policies govern a company's code of conduct, outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers. The aim is to streamline internal processes while protecting the rights of workers, as well as the business interests of employers.

A policy management solution refers to the automation of the process of creating, communicating, and maintaining policies and procedures within an organization.

The advantages to automating policy management include built-in security and permission options for information and documents, open and easy collaboration between policy creators and editors, and a sign-off feature. Without policy management software in place, staff must manually sign off and attest that they have read documents, while their supervisors find it challenging to keep track of each staff member.

Policy Manager enables organisations to manage, approve and load policies for users to read and acknowledge.

  • Administrators can upload and manage policies
  • Relevant policies can be assigned to the employees who are required to read them.
  • Administrators, (including Policy Owners, Policy Managers and Policy Approvers) can approve policies and track which employees have read which policies, and which ones are overdue and require intervention.
  • Employees can easily access and acknowledge policies - and refer back to them whenever they need to