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A revolutionary approach to identify, record and manage findings arising out of audits and reviews

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Finding Manager

Traditionally, findings have been recorded using end-user computing solutions (Spreadsheets, documents or even presentations) or expensive centralized solutions that, due to licensing costs, are not always available to every staff member in the organisation.

Under these conditions, it is difficult to ensure that:

  • The owners of findings are aware of all findings for which they are accountable
  • People responsible for addressing findings through management comments know what they’ve committed to
  • Employees tasked with implementing remedial actions know exactly what they are expected to do, how many actions they are responsible for and when these actions are due
  • The audit/review team has a clear view of all findings raised across all audits and reviews as well as the status of all remedial actions across the entire enterprise
  • Everything is up-to-date at all times providing a clear view to stakeholders in a consolidated, reliable format

Digitally drive the process of identifying and recording findings, management comments and remedial actions relating to issues identified during audits and reviews

Finding manager gives you all the features you need to effectively manage the resolution of findings arising out of audits and reviews.

It's highly configurable so you can set the ratings, labels and descriptions to match your organisation’s needs

Detailed finding registers and summary dashboard reports

Intuitive and friendly interface

Attach and manage documents

Alerts, notifications and reminders keep everybody informed

Finding details are presented to all relevant stakeholders using the labels and coloring that match your organisation’s approach
Finding Details

Detailed reports and summary dashboards provide all the information needed to report to various stakeholders
Finding Reports

Responsible and accountable parties are automatically informed and can manage the finding and actions on one, easy-to-use interface – the Finding Detail Screen

Finding owners can

  • Revert to audit (if in disagreement with the finding)
  • Record management comments
  • Accept the finding and take no further action
  • Add remedial actions and assign accountability

Action owners can use the finding detail screen to update status of actions
Department / Function head can approve the finding

The integrated messaging and alerts engine ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed as actions are taken against the finding

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