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ECL Toolkit has been jointly developed with and is marketed and supported by KPMG

IFRS9 ECL calculator for Corporates


Implementation of the expected loss model according to IFRS 9 is a challenge for many companies.

The new impairment model under IFRS 9 provides for allowances for expected credit losses, marking a shift away from the previous approach based on incurred losses. Financial reporting thus moves closer to forward-looking credit risk management and means that a model is required to measure credit risks for all financial assets not measured at fair value.

The ECL Toolkit enables you to produce an IFRS-compliant ECL computation which incorporates forward-looking information.

It's a simple 3-step process ...

Capture portfolio assumptions
  • Payment term upper and lower estimates
  • Domicile country
  • Materiality
  • Performance Materiality
  • AMPT
  • Client ECL for portfolio
  • Predominant Industry
Upload the debtors book and click to calculate

Draw down a variety of deliverables and reports

Configure a wide range of settings that drive the calculations
ECL Configuration
ECL Configuration

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