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Compliance Questionnaire Solution

The Compliance Questionnaire Solution (CQS) has been tailored specifically to help organisations drive compliance programs within their organisations. As such, users are presented with a completion certificate that can be printed when they have submitted their response or at any future date by simply accessing the completed questionnaire.

In addition, users have the functionality to access a complete list of all responses provided in the past across any number of cqs and can dive into these previous cqs at any time to review the answers they provided on a per-question basis or in summary.

Users are automatically notified when they have to complete a questionnaire and are sent reminders at regular intervals to help ensure that the answers are obtained before the deadline.

Having being built for compliance, the system provides a full audit trail of activity and is aimed at administrators who build cqs and conduct sessions.

Administrators can also flag certain questions as “auditable items” to track and follow-up on answers provided to really sensitive questions or potential problem areas.

Build a new questionnaire quickly or select a questionnaire from a previous session for re-use.

Manage respondents
Invite respondents one-by-one or upload using a spreadsheet template.

Quickly trace who has (or hasn't) submitted their complaince declaration.

Users can access completion certificates to evidence their submission at any time.

Automatic reminders get sent to respondents who have not submitted their response.

Auditable Questions
Flag questions that are subject to review/audit based on responses provided by respondents.


Ensure Compliance

Make sure that all employees respond on time

When you set up a session, you can decide who is required to submit a response. You set the deadline date and can send reminders whenever you wish - the system will send a reminder 30 days before the deadline as well as on the deadline date to help ensure that all responses are received on time.


A wide variety of question formats

You have a lot of choice when it comes to gethering answers

Set up the questions to receive answers in the format that you need. Answers can be collected as:

  • Short Answer (either text or numbers)
  • Paragraph
  • Drop down, check box or multiple choice
  • Date format
  • File upload
  • Range slider
  • Multi-part questions
  • Calculated answers


Validations and Alerts

You decide the rules that will get you the results you want

  • Make sure you get the answers in the way you expect them. Set up validations on each question to be sure that your respondents will answer the questions in the way you need. For example, you can force users to enter a number within a predetermined range or text of a specific length or that contains certain letters.
  • If a question has multiple answer types associated with it you can also set up validation on every anwer option.
  • Set up options to display alerts to the user when they select specific options.
  • Redirect users to other questions or answers when they select a pre-defined option.
  • Tag questions for follow up or review based on answers provided.


Analyse Results

Analyse online or export to your own toolset

  • Analyse responses in real-time as they are submitted by respondents using the online analysis interface.
  • You can drill down into a specific question and see all the responses provided or can explore a full response submitted by a specific individual.
  • Need to do more? You can also export the entire answer set for off-line analysis.


Collaborate with your team

Set up others in your team as questionnaire and session administrators

  • Questionnaire administrators can help you build the questionnaire.
  • Session administrators can help you analyse results and manage respondents.
  • Anybody in your organisation who is registered as an active user on Lodestar can be set up as an administrator.

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